Portable Car Jump Starter Battery Pack Booster 6 In 1 Air Compressor USB 600Amp

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The 6-in-1 Jump Starter Power Pack can jump start, inflate and power from one unit. Ideal for keeping in the garage as a car maintenance unit – it can jump start a battery, illuminate a dim garage area, inflate tyres and power small tools. Or alternatively, it’s ideal for use on a campsite – providing light, power and inflation for small inflatables. If the car battery does fail when you set off for home, you can jump start and get back on the road. Includes polarity protection, with LED indicator to show that jump starter cables are connected to the correct poles on the battery. The power pack has LED power status indicator, to show how much charge is left in the unit, plus battery power test to give instant view of charge levels. Comes with AC charger for easy recharging, plus indicator to show when the unit is fully recharged.
  • Material: Plastic, Metal
  • Jump start 12V vehicles up to 2L
  • Air compressor to maintain tyres, with three valve adaptors to use it on small inflatables, with analogue gauge included
  • USB socket for charging smart phones, tablets and other gadgets
  • LED site light for illumination – ideal for a dim garage or on a camp site
  • 100 watt inverter, to provide mains power on the move for small devices
  • 12V DC socket, ideal for charging inspection lamps and small power tools
  • Suitable for use on vehicles with Start/Stop batteries.
  • Suitable for Engines up to 2L
  • Capacity: Unknown2L
  • Features: Portable, LED Light, USB Charger, Air compressor, Compact, Start, Inflate, Power, AC charger
  • Jump Starter Plastic, Metal Multicoloured
  • Included: 6-in-1 Jump Starter Power Pack
  • Charging time -