Thermostatic Radiator Valve And Lockshield Antique Brass Effect Angled

By GoodHome
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This GoodHome polished brass radiator valve is essential in allowing you to maintain control over the heat output of your new radiator.
  • Material: ABS plastic & brass
  • Compression Connection Type
  • Positive shut-off Control
  • Unidirectional valve body
  • Green star claim - A thermostatic radiator valve allows you to set a radiator at a different tempera
  • Maximise efficiency by regularly bleeding your radiator to remove air blocks.
  • Use to fine tune each room's radiator, improving energy efficiency.
  • High Performance Liquid Thermostatic Sensor.
  • Frost protected: Yes
  • Maximum operating temperature: 28°C, Minimum operating temperature: 6°C
  • Capacity: Unknown
  • Features: Easy to install, Positive shut-off Control
  • Valves ABS plastic & brass Brown AntiqueAntique
  • Included: Includes Lockshield
  • Charging time -