Mira Electric Shower 7.5 kW Chrome Round 4 Spray Pattern Round Head Contemporary

By Mira
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Contemporary electric shower with advanced pressure stabilised control which keeps the temperature consistent. Sensi-flo delivers protection against sudden surges of hot water if there is ever a blockage in the showerhead or hose that suddenly clears. Clearscale and Dual Element technology reduce limescale build-up increasing lifetime of shower. A phased shutdown flushes hot water from the tank making it safe for the next user. Features large 4-spray showerhead, rub-clean nozzles and smooth hose for easy cleaning.
  • Cable Entry Points: Top Left, Bottom Left & Rear Left
  • Easy Filter Access
  • Max Water Temperature: 52 °C, Max. Shower Flow Rate: 8 Ltr/min, Min. Shower Flow Rate: 4 Ltr/min
  • Shower Head Shape: Round, Shower Head Size: 120 mm
  • Push-Button Start & Rotary Flow Control
  • Water Entry Points: Top Left, Bottom Left & Rear
  • Riser Rail
  • Water Failure Shutdown: Automatic Water Failure Shutdown
  • Retrofit
  • Adjustable Slide Bar
  • Capacity: Unknown
  • Features: Easy-cleaning Nozzles, Adjustable Angle
  • Electric Shower Silver ContemporaryContemporary
  • Included: Electric shower, fixings, hose, handset, riser rail and brackets.
  • (H)385 x (W)75 x (D)215 mm 3.26 kg